Chinese man gets his girlfriend a boob job for her birthday and got dumped

Wang Chen, 26 years old Chinese guy got a big plans for Wen Ting’s – his girlfriend birthday. He thought to give a nice surprise by giving Wen Ting a boob job as a gift.

However and surprisingly her girlfriend did not agree it was such a great idea. She violently attacked Wang Chen with punches and kicks, even hitting him in the groin area. Then she shouted to him “ I have never been insulted like this before, if you do not like my boobs, then back off!”

Wang Chen even hired and brought a photographer with him to capture the joyful birthday reactions. But all the photos he got was the Wen Ting attacking him. Quite a memorable birthday “party”.

At that moment, Wen immediately dumped Wang at the spot and hurried away.

Wang immediately realized his mistake and said “Now I know she does not want to be with me anymore. Its stupid for me to think that she would be delighted of my birthday gift to her”

The crowd gathered around him and cheered that he must do something to win her back. Wang told the crowd he really loves the girl which made the crowd to applaud him and shout in chorus “win her back! Win her back!”

Hopefully this story has a happy ending.

We just wonder what if this happened in Korea. In Korea parents are already buying plastic surgery for their kids as a graduation present. What if lovers bought each other plastic surgery as a gift? That might work. We are quite assured that if Korean guy would buy his girlfriend a boob job or a double eyelid surgery as a birthday present, the girl would be quite happy.

But it is individual after all, every person has different opinions and preferences. Better to know your partner quite a bit before getting them some gift like a boob job.

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