Butt augmentation

Butt augmentation, gluteoplasty, or how most of people know it as butt lift. Its not one of those popular procedures especially among Korean girls. Anyhow, the things are changing when big round butts are being in fashion now.

Compared with Western sisters, Korean girls have way more flatter butts in general simply because Asians are known to have less developed gluteus maximus muscles.

Slim appearance has always been highly valued feature among Koreans and that is what most Korean girls are chasing for. But this case is slowly changing since big butts are becoming a beauty standard everywhere around the world. So, for sure many Korean girls have begun to explore this kind of plastic surgery to get more junk in their trunk.

Silicone implants have been around for years but complications from the operation are kinda common. Loads of surgeons are now preferring to use injections to reshape the butt and add more volume to it. Its pretty simple operation but the problem is that it might be just semi permanent.

The so called “Brazilian butt lifts” are breaking its way to the Korean plastic surgery rooms. Basically if the patient has some fat, the doctor would do a liposuction and use the fat as a filler substance transfered to the butt itself. This same kind of procedure can be used for breast augmentation.

The downside is surely the big challenge of getting the fat to survive in the new place. The final results may vary a lot and might leave the patient really empty pocket and disappointed. Around 33% of patients who go under this kind of plastic surgery, will have fat absorption, leaving the results really minimal. In positive side, infections and scarring is very rare.

Butt muscles can easily be exercised to get more volume to it. These days gyms are filled with women doing squats. Female forums are full of all kinds of squat exercise tutorials. Squatting is really popular especially among the younger females. Society is appraising big butts, this can be easily seen in music videos. Even just looking at the instagram you can see its full of butt photos so for sure this is the trendiest thing for women right now. Korean girls are joining it too.

So everyone who are thinking to have butt lift should definitely think going to the gym instead. The results are as natural as they can be and there will be no side effects at all. You will save truckloads of money getting gym subscription, plus its healthy.

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