Block B plastic surgery

Jaehyo Block B Plastic Surgery

There’s no denying that plastic surgery is used more and more by K-Pop artists, so Block B is no exception here. We all believe that there is a Block B plastic surgery conundrum, as just about all the members seem to have a sign of plastic surgery here and there. But you do have to wonder, what did each one of the members does, did they get any plastic surgery done or not? Let’s find out or at least speculate if necessary, depending on the situation!


When it comes to Zico, people are unsure if he has any plastic surgery done or not. The idea here is simple, he seems to be pretty much the same person, but he did get plastic surgery. In fact, he shrunk his nose since his debut. His nose was 3.8 cm when he started out, and now the nose is smaller, it has around 3.4 cm. Not that much of a change to be honest, but it is a change and one that you have to note! He did say that he gained weight at first and then he lost some weight, but still, it seems pretty fair to say that he had a nose job.

Zico Block B Plastic Surgery


Taeli is confirmed to have had laser on his eyes. Aside from that, we just know that he had braces and that’s why he had a very strange smile. But then again there is no confirmation of any mouth plastic surgery, so we just know about the laser on his eyes, that’s it.

Taeli Block B Plastic Surgery


If you look at him and compare him to the time when he started, you see differences. His nose was flat, and now he has some flared nostrils, not to mention that he has a weak bridge, you can also see that he has a jaw-based v-line too. He also had his eyebrows tattooed.

B Bomb Block B Plastic Surgery


He is the only one who doesn’t seem to have had any Block B plastic surgery. Yes, a lot of people suspect Jaehyo to have done plastic surgery, but things are rather unclear here so we should stay away from anything that doesn’t point to clear results.

Jaehyo Block B Plastic Surgery


Yes, he did have laser on his eyes. Aside from that, there is nothing clear about what Block B surgery he did. Just like the other members, he doesn’t confess to plastic surgery, although some of the things they changed are rather clear for sure.

U-Kwon Block B Plastic Surgery

Park Kyung

He has a slanted jaw, and he even had infections for his jawline. He doesn’t seem to have anything else done when it comes to plastic surgery, but this can be up for debate. The jawline changes are rather obvious, though!

Park Kyung Block B Plastic Surgery


P.O. is another one that may not have any Block B plastic surgery done. There’s nothing obvious that you can see here, so it’s hard to say if he had any surgery or not.

PO Block B Plastic Sugery

As you can see from this complete Block B plastic surgery, it’s safe to say that some of these artists did rely on surgery to remove some imperfections. Despite that, none of them confirm that they went the plastic surgery route!

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