Best Of The Korean Plastic Surgery Advertisements

Korea, especially Seoul, has an worldwide reputation for being cosmetic enhancement industry capital and the ads featuring famous surgeons and clinics with giant before and after photos. They can be found everywhere – on street billboards, subway stations and trains, bus stops, buses. The list goes on and on.

Seoul was used to be flooded with the plastic surgery advertisements. And it still kinda is. Tho early in 2014 Korean government set new rules to set limits to the plastic surgery advertisement, the subway stations got new restrictions, not more than 20% of advertisements at any station can be connected with the plastic surgery industry.

Patients who wanted to get the surgery after seeing advertisements tend to walk into a clinic knowing only the positive sides of plastic surgery. These got loads of complaints from local citizens who said the ads are too overwhelming and promoting a fake image of the industry without informing about the possible side effects and dangers.

Luckily this changed too during the early 2015 when the Korean government set the new rules for clinics to inform their patients about the safety and possible side effects of the plastic surgery in their advertisements.

However, some of the ads are really well designed and funny! Let’s take a look for a few innovative ones!


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