Best K-pop Female Butts


Lately we had an article about Korea’s Miss Sexy Back 2015 – contest showing some of the finest butts in Korea.

Now we decided to do a small compilation of best k-pop female butts. It’s time to show our love for some of the best butts in K-Pop industry!

And girls, no worries, there is oncoming article of best k-pop male butts on its way!

Here are the photos, not in any particular order. Enjoy!

-AOA’s Choa

AOA Choa butt


-Stellar’s Minhee

Stellar Minhee butt


-EXID’s Hani 

EXID Hani butt



Hyuna butt


-Spica’s Jiwon

Spica Jiwon butt


-Sistar’s Hyolyn

Sistar Bora butt


-AOA’s Seolhyun


AOA Seolhyun butt


-Chun Iseul

Chun Iseul


-Girl’s Day’s Yura

Girl’s Day Yura


-Jun Hyoseong

Jun Hyoseong



Rainbow Blaxx Hyunyoung

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