Aegyo-Sal Before And After Photos

Aegyo-Sal (also very well known as youthlites or love bands) is one of the hottest trends going on in Korea right now.

Some people have it naturally so they do not need any enhancements in that area, (except some want to get rid of their natural love bands) but for some poeple desiring for the love bands, the aegyo-sal surgery is needed. There is also options to get aegyo-sal without surgery for those who do not want to get under the surgeons knife. Actually those non-surgical procedures are pretty simple, be sure to check them out and try them by yourself too!

We gathered a bunch of aegyo-sal before and after photos for your convenience. Actually few of them are just photoshopped, those give a really good impression of exactly the same photo, how the samples would look with and without love bands. However, here are the aegyo-sal before and after photos, enjoy! Do not forget to check out all the other Korean plastic surgery before and after photos!


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