8 Korean Actors Without Plastic Surgery

As most of us know, the plastic surgery is something really common for the Korean people. Especially for the Korean celebrities. And even more specifically: for the celebrities in entertainment industry.

It’s well known there are many Korean celebrities who have had the plastic surgery done. Some are very obvious and easy to spot while some are almost impossible to know. Actually quite many of the celebrities are very open about their plastic surgery procedures while others try to hide and deny the rumors as far as possible. Sometimes the truth is really hard to know just by comparing the pre-debut photos with new photos of a given celebrity.

In Korea, it’s not only the female celebrities who have had the plastic surgery done. The male celebrities are also going under the knife to enhance their looks. This is getting more and more popular and it is also influencing normal males to surgically enhance their looks. Outer beauty is a big deal in Korea. Especially when you are in the entertainment industry. Or even just a normal guy looking for a new job. How you look has a big impact on everything in Korea.

Many Korean male and female celebrities perform plastic surgery to get the perfect face, body or both. However, not all Korean celebrities perform a plastic surgery. There are many Korean actors and artists who are naturally beautiful and handsome. Both male and female. As we all know Korean ladies can be really beautiful without any plastic surgery procedures. The same goes for Korean males. Lots of handsome guys out there.

We here at koreanplasticsurgeries.com decided to pick up 6 handsome Korean actors without plastic surgery. In most cases, there are not any official proof if they have really had the plastic surgery or not, so as usual, these picks are based on our own opinions. Feel free to leave a comment above and tell us what’s your opinion about our picks.

So here are the handsome Korean actors without plastic surgery, lets enjoy the natural celebrity beauty.

The actors shown above are not listed in any specific order.


Park Yoo-Chun

Singer-songwriter and Actor. Born June 4, 1986



Lee Seung Gi

Multitalented singer, actor, MC and entertainer. Born January 13, 1987



Hyun Bin (Kim Tae-pyung)

Actor born on September 25, 1982



Won Bin (Kim Do-jin)

Actor born on November 10, 1977



Jang Keun-suk

Actor and singer born on August 4, 1987



Sunggyu (Kim Sung-kyu)

Singer-songwriter, musician, actor and MC born on April 28, 1989



L (Kim Myung-soo)

Singer and actor born on March 13, 1992



Song Joong Ki

Actor, model and host born on September 19, 198


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