6 Korean Natural Beauty Celebrities Without Plastic Surgery Part 2

Korean celebrities are always under the rumors if they have gone through some plastic surgery enhancements on their bodies or not. Media and fans are especially eager on this topic.  Natural beauties without plastic surgery or is a bit of plastic surgery is ok? That’s the eternal question.

We here at koreanplasticsurgeries.com have decided once again to pick up 6 gorgeous Korean ladies without plastic surgery, who have decided to embrace their natural beauty and chosen not to go through any plastic surgery enhancements.

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Here are the Korean natural beauties without plastic surgery, not listed in any specific order.


Ku Hye Sun

(Born on November 9th, 1984) Ku Hye Sun is an actress, singer, songwriter, and director. Ku Hye Sun gained lots of popularity on her roles in the dramas “Pure In Heart” and “The King and I”.

Even tho those popular roles, the 31-year old Ku Hye Su is best known for her role of the lovely Geum Jan-di in the very well known drama “Boys Over Flowers”. In 2014, Ku Hye Sun appeared in the SBS drama “Angel Eyes” and received a lot of compliments and appreciation for her mature acting performance. The gorgeous actress currently plays the character Yoo Ri Ta in the KBS drama “Blood”



Song Hye Kyo

(Born November 22th, 1981) Song Hye-Kyo is an actress. She is most well known for her roles in Korean dramas “Autumn In My Heart” “All In” “Full House” “That Winter, The Wind Blow



Jang Nara

(Born March 18th, 1981) Jang Nara is a singer and actress. She is active in both Korean and Chinese entertainment industry. She is well known for her roles in loads of different Korean dramas, latest one being “One More Happy Ending” where she plays the role of Han Mi-Mo



Lee Young-Ae

(Born January 31st , 1971) Lee Young-Ae is an actress. She is best known for her role in a very famous movie “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance” and for the numerous roles in Korean dramas since 1993. The lastest serie she is in is called Saimdang, the Herstory”



Han Hye Jin

(Born October 27th, 1981) Han Hye-Jin is an actress. Most well known for her role in Korean drama “Be Strong, Geum-soon!” She has also been a talk show host for few years.



Kim Yu-na

(Born September 5th ,1990) Kim Yuna is a Korean former figure skater. Best known for winning the 2010 winter olympics in figure skating. She has also won many other competitions and her latest notable achievement is being 2014 silver medalist in ladies singles.


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