100 years of beauty. How Korea’s beauty trends have changed within the years

We are always looking to Japan or Korea for the latest and best beauty trends if we want to know whats going on in Asia’s beauty, cosmetics or fashion trends.

But how many of us knows how the Korean beauty has evolved within the years?

Cut Video can provide answer for that question. They have made a video showing the Korean beauty history for a course of 100years.

First 40 years in the video, the trend is shown as a one, hence the country hadn’t yet divided into two. After that we can compare both North and South Korea, how they was different from each other.

It is pretty interesting! One country separated into 2 and suddenly the trends started to go into really opposite directions. Its clear that South Korea had access to the Western media where they got some influence as well as they got influence from South Korea.

And since North Korea is way more restricted country, it is clear to see how the trends are not influenced by the West. Atleast not as heavily as in South.

And well, the North is poor and people did not have money to actually follow any fashion or invest into makeup or so.

The video itself is not that accurate when talking about how the beauty trends really were, especially in the 1990-2010, but in the others as well. However it still gives a nice kind of illustrative view. Definitely worth watching!

And they definitely should have changed the model for the 2000’s or 2010’s portion. We all know how plastic surgeries really kicked in those time and all the elements like high nose, v-line chin, big eyes, double eyelids and slim face started to be a must beauty trend.

Below is the video itself, what did you think about it? And don’t forget to check out the jaw dropping Korean beauties from 1970’s


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