Korean Plastic Surgery Monsters Part 2


Our earlier photo compilation of Korean plastic surgery monsters gained so much positive feedback and people have even been asking for more photos of Korean plastic surgery gone wrong, so we decided to please all of our readers and do another photo compilation of sung-gui.

Sung-gui is relatively new Korean word which originates from two words “sung-hyung” (plastic surgery) and “goe-mul” (monster)

Sung-gui does not mean a plastic surgery gone wrong, its more like a rude word given to people who have had too much cosmetic enhancements that they turned out looking very unnatural.

Even the cosmetic enhancement scene in Korea is still on rise, the Korean girls have started to worry about people might start calling them sung-gui, so logically the girls planing getting some enhancements on their body are strictly on the lookout to get as natural look as possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, without too much chitchat, here are the photos you’ve been craving for. Enjoy!




sung-gui3 failed-korean-plastic-surgery








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